Who We Are

Your Property Finder as the name suggests is a full-service real estate agency firm that provides clients with a wide spectrum of real estate related services. Formed in the year 2014, we are fairly new in Myanmar but we have managed to convince many of our clients that we are just as good or even better than our competitors!!! We believe in standing out and doing things differently from other realtors, after all we are in the business of marketing the most expensive yet personal merchandise one would ever purchase or rent in their lifetime - properties!!!

Our Mission, Our Core Values,

What We Want To Achieve - Our Mission

We strive to deliver the best real estate services for our clients. We believe that one happy customer will refer us to their circle of friends and family and that is how we intend to grow our customer database - through proven results. One happy customer brings us ten more happier customers and the lists goes on!

What We Believe In - Our Core Values

We believe that finding a property should be an exciting and enjoyable process for our clients and we will play our part to ensure it is. We take pride in what we do and we serve our clients with passion. We put only our client's interest first and nothing else.

Our Most Valued Assets - Our Clients

Everyone who engage our services!!! To elaborate, our clients consist of all landlords, tenants, buyers, sellers, investors, real estate opportunists, developers, MNCs, foreign companies, NGOs, embassies, relocation companies and the list goes on. We assure you that our services are worth every single cent that you are paying us, rest assured no regrets on that. You just sit back relax and leave the "talking" to us!!!

What We Do - Our Services

We offer a comprehensive real estate services menu comprising of leasing, sales, investments and joint ventures. We cover all types of properties in Myanmar from apartments, condominiums, landed houses, land, retail, commercial, offices, warehouses, factories, industrial land, whole buildings, etc. For leasing we specialize in expats leasing, commercial leasing and residential leasing for long or short term leases. For sales, we conduct project sales, sub sales and resale transactions. Apart from our rice bowl of leasing and services, we also provide investments as well as joint venture deals where we match local property owners with foreign investors.

Beginning Of Our Story -The Founder

Ypf - ERA Myanmar Branch Director

YPF founder is no other than Ms Charm May Thu, a familiar real estate figure for those affluent Myanmar nationals who have invested in Singapore properties. Ms Charm May Thu started her career in Singapore Real Estate for nearly a decade ago since 2006 when she was only 23 years old. She entered the industry by joining Singapore’s Largest Real Estate Agency-ERA Real Estate and has been with the agency ever since. Now she holds her acclaimed title of Branch Division Director whilst leading and grooming a team of licensed Myanmar real estate professionals in Singapore. In addition to this prestigious title, she has been awarded numerous real estate related top producer achievement awards, one of them being Top 50 Producers Realtor's Award for 4 consecutive years in an agency comprising of more than 6,000 realtors to date.

As a foreigner (Burmese) promoting real estate in a foreign land it was not as easy as one would expect, but her will to succeed made her creatively tap onto the niche market of serving wealthy high net worth Burmese investors buying million dollar price tag homes in Singapore. This was the beginning of her success story where being Burmese and promoting Singapore Properties was the competitive edge that she possessed making the best out of both worlds.

Since 2011 Ms Charm has hosted the first ever property investment exhibitions and seminars in Singapore and Myanmar as well as hosting these type of events on a regular basis for the benefit of keen investors who would like to be informed of property investment opportunities. Other than her core business of promoting Singapore and Myanmar properties, Ms Charm also assists clients with London and Australian Properties investments adding to her portfolio of real estate services that she provides. Ms Charm is also one of the esteemed panel judges for the first ever Myanmar Property Awards held in 2015 and subsequently in 2016, furthermore she was also one of the panel speakers representing Myanmar Real Estate at the Asia Property Congress 2015 held in Singapore.

In 2014, Ms Charm returned to Myanmar to set up Your Property Finder hoping to bring Myanmar Real Estate to greater heights and a chance to contribute back her real estate expertise to her motherland. This was the birth of YPF (Your Property Finder)!!!

Charm May Thu

B.A Marketing Management Hons ( UK )

Charm's Real Estate Award

ERA Million-Dollar Achievers of 2023
ERA Million-Dollar Achievers of 2022
ERA Million-Dollar Achievers of 2021
ERA Top 63rd Achiever 2nd Quarter 2019
ERA Top 242th Achiever 1st Qtr 2018
ERA Top 35th Achiever January 2018
ERA Service Elite 5 Years Award 2018
Asia Pacific Elite Award Winner 2017
Asia Pacific Elite Award Winner 2016
ERA Top 68th Achiever For Year 2016
ERA TOP 5th Archiever 1st Quarter 2016
ERA TOP 167th Archiever For Year 2015
ERA TOP 16th Archiever December 2015
Asia Pacific Elite Award Winner 2015
ERA TOP 48th Archiever For Year 2014
Asia Pacific Elite Award Winner 2014
ERA TOP 85th Archiever 3rd Quarter 2014
ERA TOP 37th Archiever 2nd Quarter 2014
ERA TOP 15th Archiever June 2014
ERA TOP 50th Archiever 1st Quarter 2014
ERA TOP 24th Archiever For Year 2013
ERA TOP 50th Archiever 2nd Quarter 2013
ERA TOP 20th Archiever July 2013
ERA TOP 112th Archiever For Year 2012
ERA TOP 48th Archiever For Year 2011
ERA Million Dollor Club Member

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